Two cities with the cleanest air in the United States

The top two cities in the United States with clean air are Cheyenne and Santa Fe. The city of Cheyenne is the capital of the state of Wyoming. Cheyenne has the best air quality due to the fact that it possesses the lowest year round level of particulate matter. This is in comparison to all other cities in the United States. These particles can be found in the air and are comprised of soot, dust, dirt and liquid droplets.

Cheyenne is a small town and therefore has fewer cars. Vehicles are a main source of particulate matter. Less cars leads to less emission of particulate matter and spikes throughout the day of this matter in the air. Lower levels of particulate material are desired because these materials will penetrate the lungs if they remain in the air too long and cause injury. The city of Santa Fe is located in the state of New Mexico. This city ranks second in the order of ranking with clean air. It has consistently safe ozone levels. Ground level ozone is classified as an air pollutant. Safe ozone levels are defined as an air quality index for ground level ozone between 0-50. With this index grading, anyone can be active outside. There is no health risk to individuals with asthma, diabetes, compromised immune systems, or the elderly. The city also has strict rules limiting wood burning, even though the city has 1. 5 million acres of forest. Wood burning is a source of particulate material.
Update: According to Reno Mold Water, a Reno Mold Restoration and Water Restoration Company, Reno, Nevada Air Quality is one of the cleanest as well!

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